Persatuan Kakitangan Anestesiologi Hospital Umum Sarawak (PEKA-HUS) or The Association of Staffs in Anaesthesiology of Sarawak General Hospital is an institutional society established on 25 March 2018 which coordinates the practice and training of anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine via various training and educational activities. PEKA-HUS is also dedicated in strengthening the profession of anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine, as well as promoting the well-being of its members.

The board members of PEKA-HUS have wide experience in organising national and international events in partnership with other professional societies, namely the 7th Paediatric Anaesthesia & Analgesia Workshop 2010, the 12th Asian & Oceanic Society of Regional Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine Congress 2013, the Borneo Obstetric Anaesthesia Symposium 2014, the 6th Annual Asia-Pacific ICU Rehabilitation Conference 2019, the Neuroanaesthesia Symposium 2017 and 2021 (virtual), and Sarawak Medico-Legal Conference combined with the Medico-Legal Society of Malaysia- Medico-Legal Society of Singapore Joint Seminar 2022

PEKA-HUS is currently digitalizing its educational activities during this new norm, among them are the Webinars in Neuroanaesthesiology 2021-2022 and the Anaesthesiology Updates 2021-2022 series in collaboration with the Malaysian Society of Neuroanaesthesiology and Neurocritical Care (MSNACC) and the University of Washington, Seattle respectively which have reached out to even a wider range of audience nationwide. The close partnership between PEKA-HUS and MSNACC has also brought to fruition of virtual regional Neurocritical Care Conference 2022, in-person Neuroanaesthesia Symposium 2023 combined with Anaesthesiology Updates 2023, and optimistically the organisation of Asian Pacific Neurocritical Care Conference 2024 and the 9th Congress of Asian Society for Neuroanaesthesia and Critical Care 2027 in Kuching, Sarawak.